Entrepreneurial Encounters

Business Fair
Meet & Greet for Toronto businesses in the York-Weston neighbourhood

Discover who is at the end of your six degrees of separation at this interactive smörgâsbord of small businesses event

Guest Speaker — Felicia Pizzonia, author of Babes In Business Suits

Wednesday, January 27th 4-8pm
Strongman Appliances,
3 Arrow Road, Toronto
$10 / in advance
$15 / at the door
$50 / promotion table
    table purchase includes 10 tickets,
    bring your own table or display

  • Build your list
  • Build your sales
  • Build your business
  • Build business relationships
  • Promote your products & services to other business owners
  • Build leads for jobs
Felicia Pizzonia

Felicia's passion for business stems from an early age. Her dreams of entrepreneurship and inspiring others to accomplish their goals fuelled her desire to write Babes in Business Suits. There will be a book autographing session also.

Join some great business owners for an evening of networking. Bring your business cards/flyers to promote your business products and services. Even talk about job opportunities. You will want to join us!

Jilian Saweczko is a business owner who cares about business owners and workers in this neighbourhood. Please join Jilian for a great business to business networking event. Register online today.

For info:
Denise Feltham 416-236-9061, diceassessment@bell.net
Jilian Saweczko email

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